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Force Dry DX


The DryGuy™ Force Dry DX can dry two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in about an hour.

Dry Rack


For use in your garage, mud room, front porch or vacation homes. Wherever boots and shoes collect.

Force Dry


The DryGuy Force Dry can dry 1 pair of shoes, boots, or gloves in about an hour.

Simple Dry


Utilizing thermal convection technology—naturally rising warm air, the Simple Dry is an efficient and reliable way to dry footwear and gloves overnight.


Travel Dry


Designed with an open frame and custom fitted aluminum heat sink, the Travel Dry- Portable Boot and Shoe dryer combines the simplicity of convection drying with the convenience of portability.

Travel Dry DX


Combining traditional convection technology with forced air to create a compact hybrid drying system, the Travel Dry DX dries footwear in less time than most other portable dryers.


Boot Glove


The BootGlove provides skiers with an added layer of insulating protection from frigid winter conditions.

Warm N' Charge


The DryGuy™ Warm N' Charge is a rechargeable electronic hand warmer that provides up to 5 hours of warmth per use.


Wader Adaptor


Convert your DryGuy™ Force Dry DX into an easy to use system for drying hip, waist, and chest waders.

Wader Extension


Extends the height of your DryGuy™ Force Dry DX- Wader Adaptor for extra tall boots and waders

Boot Accessory


2nd Set of Tall Boot Drying Tubes for the DryGuy Force Dry DX- Boot & Glove Dryer

Helmet Holder


The Force Dry DX- Helmet Accessory can be used with the Force Dry DX- Boot & Glove Dryer to dry helmets of all types.